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without a doubt, the friendliest little board
in all of cyberspace

Most of us at "Friends In Business" have been scammed at least once.... some a few dozen times more than once.... but we've dusted ourselves off and moved on.  Everyone is welcome, and participation is based on friendship and mutual respect.

This is one of the few boards where you don't have to post your email address and no one is allowed to yell at you....

A safe haven where everyone is encouraged to join in....

A place to share your dreams, bounce around new ideas, and ask for help on any aspect of starting or growing a business.... without fear of being criticized or publicly humiliated.  (Hey, they don't call it MaaMaw's Place for nothing you know!).

And if you're still chicken and just want to lurk?.... well, that's okay too.


Welcome.... We're happy to have you!

Lesley Fountain
:o)  aka Maa-Maw  :o)