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American Writers and Artists Inc/Michael Masterson SCAM RIPOFF SWINDLE

Posted By: Chuck Skidmore
Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2007, at 7:42 a.m.(pst)

In Response To: Michael Masterson/AWAI Copywriting Course Scam (Jim Wilcox)

American Writers and Artists Inc/Michael Masterson SCAM RIPOFF SWINDLE


Michael Masterson (aka Mark Ford) is a known scam artist. He has a well documented history swindles, mail fraud, money laundering, phony sweepstakes and more. He has literally ripped off people across the country of millions and has been in huge trouble for it (see newspaper articles in a post below). But it hasnít stopped him from continuing on, doing the same thing today.

This message board is loaded with information about Masterson and one of his companies, American Writers and Artist Inc. (aka American Writers and Artist Institute, aka AWAI). There may be quite a bit of duplicated information within the posts, but itís all designed to protect you from becoming a victim of this den of thieves.

Dig around and youíll learn all about Michael Mastersonís notorious background and how he surrounds himself with similar, like-minded characters. These are not people looking to make an honest living. They promote stupid, worthless, junk products with carefully worded sales letters, promotions and lies. They promise the world, but donít deliver.

But keep in mind, these guys are good. Their copywriting promotion in particular can be very moving, clever and convincing. They work real hard at appealing to raw emotions and deep rooted needs. The AWAI copywriting promotions they use have been around for a decade, and they continually improve upon them. Protect yourself. Dig deep. Read these posts. Ask a lot of questions. Youíll save yourself a ton of money and a lot of disappointment.

They say theyíll teach you secrets that will make you rich. But there are no secrets. Itís all designed to separate you from your money.

What you have here is basically an exclusive club of slimy characters. A bunch of guys (mostly) who are all in bed with each other. They help promote each otherís products, books, seminars, etc. They write glowing testimonials for each other. They market their get rich quick products on each otherís web sites. It makes it all rather convincing. If you spend a little time looking around, youíll see the same names pop up continually.

Look around this message board. Youíll uncover the lies. The seedy cast of characters. The fraud. The false promises. The inner workings of a sophisticated scam. The shameless lies and how Mark Ford had to change his name to Michael Masterson because of his unscrupulous past.

Another site you can visit is Ė

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