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Re: Is Anthony Morrison & Hidden Millionaires for real?

Posted By: Alessa Yanssens
Date: Monday, May 12, 2008, at 7:49 a.m.(pst)

In Response To: Is Anthony Morrison & Hidden Millionaires for real? (Marlene)

MaaMaw here: Before you read the message posted by one Alessa Yanssens, I must make certain facts perfectly clear:

= I do not know Alessa Yanssens. I have her IP# and her email address, which I am not obligated to share with the world. She did, however, provide an email link if you wish to contact her.

= Alessa Yanssens is sharing her personal experience -- or at least her rendition of it. Whether certain facts are muddled in the retelling, I have no idea. I have not attempted to prove or disprove any of the statements she has made about her experience, and the reader is encouraged to thoroughly research the Hidden Millionaires opportunity before making any decision.

= Finally, any use of the words "honest," "fraud," etc., are an expression of Alessa Yanssens' personal opinion. She is allowed to express her personal opinion, but it must be made perfectly clear that her opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinions of your host or of anyone else posting to this thread.

Carry on.

Hello, my name is Alessa and I attended the Anthony Morrison Hidden Millionaire seminar with Blaine held in Pittsburgh. I believed and was hopeful that everything Anthony Morrison and David Gillmore were telling us was true. I believed if you put the time in and did everything they told us to do we would be successful. We did everything we were supposed to do and we were not making the minimum of money we were GUARANTEED to make. We didn�t have hopes of become rich quick. We knew we had to put the time in to make this work. We were told if we invested $150 a month in pay per click fees we were GUARANTEED to make that back. We DID NOT. We only received one application and that was ours and it took over a month to see the approval online and we already had the card in our hands. By the way, we have not been paid for that commission to date. We were also told Anthony and his staff would help us if we need help. We were told at the seminar he would look into our Google account to make sure we were not making any errors. When we called for help we were told he is not allowed to look on our Google account. We reminded him of what was said at the seminar and he denied ever saying that. He asked us if we wanted a copy of the tape and we said yes. We know what we heard. He assured us that when we make money he makes money so it was important to him that we make money. WE DID NOT. We were also told we would not be asked to spend any more money after we spent the original investment. That is not true. We received a call from a company called WINN and were told we would NOT make money unless we spent between $5,000 and 10,000 more money to make our new business successful. We were told �you don�t really think you are trained enough to make money in just one seminar.� Well guess what? This company is affiliated with credit card systems. They have well had a link right on their website. Anthony makes money on every single company that advertises on his website. He records parts of his seminars and advertises various companies for profit. He admittedly said he turns off the recording and then tells everyone NOT to use banner ads with Yahoo. This should have been a sign to me that he is not a fair and honest person. This company makes their money by the people that sign up and believe that he will help them make money. I know for a fact other people have tried to fight them in the past because they also feel they have been misled. How unfair is this? It is about time someone stands up for the little guy. If this is such a great thing then why do they not have a money back guarantee? Why do they have to lock you down to a contract of empty promises and lies?

We did ask for help. We did say we were willing to do the work that it would take to make money. We told them if it is true you make money when we make money then you want to work with us because we are hard working and if anyone can do it we can. We asked to be called back. We asked for support. We asked for someone to tell us what we are doing wrong. No one called us back. THAT IS FRAUD! We were told we would be given keywords to use so we would be successful. Later when we called and asked why our keywords weren�t working we were told we couldn�t use the ones they gave us we had to use different ones. THAT IS ALSO FRAUD. I repeatedly asked if we could change information on the website to make the website more visible without having to pay extra for it and they would not give us access to that. If we are paying for a website�4,500.00 for a website, shouldn�t it be ours to make the changes we feel necessary?

Again, you are strongly encouraged to thoroughly research all business opportunities before making any decisions. Some stories are nothing more than "sour grapes," but it is a fact that scams abound on the internet, so the most important piece of advice I can give you is to do your research with an open mind... and read Scams 101.

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