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eBay Selling

Friends In Business
& Scams 101

Learn How To Make
REAL Money On eBay

by far the FASTEST and EASIEST way to start making money on the net
(eBay does ALL the technical stuff for you!)
(and they do it FREE, did I mention that?)

(If you've already read this page and the Internet Marketing Center's page, all your questions have been answered, and you just came back to get the course.... you can click here to go straight to IMC, then scroll down about 9/10ths of the way to find the link to place your order.)

All I can say is........ WHOA DOGGY!!

I've read several books and courses on How To Make Money Selling On eBay, and some have been quite good, but nothing -- absolutely NOTHING!! -- I have seen can compare to this.

This totally magnificent eBay Selling course was created by the famous Internet Marketing Center in conjunction with one Brandon Dupsky, a self-made eBay millionaire who started from the ground up and last year sold $8 million on eBay alone (not counting any offline business he's built up as a direct result of his eBay success!).

I've been waiting for something like this for what seems like forever.  The sad part is, I won't be able to apply the heavy stuff right now because I have too many pots on the stove, but my head is spinning just thinking how it can help me with my sporadic eBay selling. 

Life is always three years ahead of me.  The most I've ever been able to manage is "eBay dabbling," but that's just me.  I chronically paint myself into corners.

Let's talk about you.

If you're serious about creating a second income by selling on eBay, and you have the time to put into it, I honestly believe this can be your ticket to *REAL* success.  (Let's face it -- eBay is unquestionably the *easiest* way for the average non-techie, non-webmaster type to make money on the internet, but if you don't know what you're doing, it can nickle-and-dime you right out the door.)

Like all IMC's products, this one carries a full, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. 

(It also carries a "We'll refund your money and send you a check for $200" guarantee, but please understand -- that is ONLY if you APPLY THE METHODS in the specified time period and fail to meet certain goals, and you have to be able to DOCUMENT that you did that... so don't do like some people do and buy it thinking you'll set it on the shelf and make a tidy $200 profit; it doesn't work that way.)

I confess, when Corey Rudl (IMC's founder) died and they said the company would go on, I didn't expect to see the same quality over time. 

My oh my!  I was *SO* wrong!!

This course...

The 'Insider Secrets' of an eBay Millionaire:
How ANYONE can Start With Nothing and Explode Your Income
With a Wildly Profitable eBay Business!

is EVERY BIT as good as the Internet Marketing Course that made Corey famous -- the obvious difference being the fact that making money on eBay doesn't even require a website and it requires NO technical knowledge whatsoever!!  eBay does *ALL* the technical stuff for you.  (My eBay experience is fairly limited, but the one thing I can tell you is that they make it *incredibly* easy.)

Okay, let's get down to brass tacks.  Here's a rundown of what comes in the package:

The main book is 237 pages that covers the following topics completely, THOROUGHLY, ***IN GREAT DETAIL***  (If you have Corey's Internet Marketing Course, you know this is where it shines:  at *NO* point does it leave you scratching your head and saying, "Hmmmmm, great idea; where do I start?", which is where every other course I have seen drops the ball.)

  • Introduction, including why you can't afford NOT to sell on eBay, introducing "our $8 Million 'Secret Weapon,'" how BEST to use the course, and more (pgs 1-8)

  • The Top FOUR Ways to Make Money with eBay (pgs 9-17)

  • Start Profiting on eBay Today (pgs 18-26)

  • The Secret Art of Discovering What REALLY Sells on eBay... And How to Create Your Own "Hot Items" (pgs 27-50)

  • Know the Value of Your Product and Get TOP Dollar Every Time! (pgs 51-58)

  • How to Set Up Your Auctions for Maximum Sales (pgs 59-72)

  • How to Stand Out from Your Competition and Convince Bidders to Visit Your Auction -- Your Title and Product Shot (pgs 73-95)

  • How to Create Product Descriptions that Hook More Bidders and Create a Bidding Frenzy! (pgs 96-121)

  • Establish Your Seller Credibility with a *Glowing* Feedback Rating (pgs 122-136)

  • Use Your "About Me" Page to Its Full Advantage (pgs 137-153)

  • Create a Community of Loyal Bidders -- and Sell to Them for Life! (pgs 154-174)

  • Payment and Shipping Strategies That Will Increase Your Profits (pgs 175-189)

  • How to Drive Swarms of Traffic to Your eBay Listing (pgs 190-204)

  • Increase Your eBay Income Exponentially by Testing New Strategies and Tracking Your Results (pgs 205-215)

  • Automate Your eBay Tasks and Manage 10 Times More Auctions -- With LESS Work! (pgs 216-224)

  • How to Use Other Auction Sites to Explode Your Online Income (pgs 225-234)

  • Conclusion (pgs 235-237)

In case you're wondering, I've included page numbers to make a point: 

Most "How To eBay" books and courses cover these topics in one way or another; some focus more heavily on certain points, but they at least mention all (or most) of the above... sometimes devoting a paragraph or even a couple of pages to the topic.  This course includes *COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING* on EVERY SINGLE TOPIC.

One more thing before we move on:

A complaint I've heard often is that Corey's Internet Marketing Course has lots of empty space on the pages. 


This book is written in a normal font (it appears to be Times Roman 12), and the pages are FULL.  (Actually, truth be told, there isn't any empty space in his Internet Marketing Course either -- not since the 1998 edition -- but the whine has lived on, and you know how I hate to nitpick.)

Moving right along...

Of course they've included a 22-page "Quick-Start Guide":

  • How To Get Up and Running -- and Making a Profit! -- on eBay In the Next 24 Hours!

Also in the package are all of the following goodies:

  • How to Grow Your eBay Business from a One-Man Basement Operation into a Multi-Million-Dollar Goldmine!  (Audio CD plus a 27-page "Audio CD Companion Guide")

  • The Insider Secrets of a "Regular Guy" Who Made $8 Million on eBay Last Year!  (Audio CD plus a 44-page "Audio CD Companion Guide")

  • The Insider's Guide to Sourcing HUGE Volumes of In-Demand Products -- for CHEAP!  (Audio CD plus a 25-page "Audio CD Companion Guide")

  • How to Create a Bidding Frenzy and Literally Explode Your eBay Sales!  (Audio CD plus a 38-page "Audio CD Companion Guide")

  • How to QUADRUPLE Your Profit Margins on eBay -- Instantly!  (a Special Report on CD-ROM)

  • Get an Edge on Your Competitors by Creating Your Personalized Storefront on eBay -- Filled with YOUR Products Only!  (CD-ROM)

  • Earn a *Massive* Income Selling Other People's Stuff on eBay  (CD-ROM)

  • The Insider Secrets to Finding Hidden Treasures on eBay -- and How to Use This Knowledge to Make BIGGER Profits!  (CD-ROM)  (Personally I wish they'd just print the CD-ROMs, but this entire package is such total "OH RAPTURE!" quality, what can I say?  They'll get no complaints from me.)

And last but certainly not least, a 9x12 envelope marked "TOP SECRET" and holding 17 "PowerSeller Secrets" printed on both sides of 17 sheets of card stock, including:

  • How to enter... (Ooops!  Fortunately, I'm awake enough to realize it's time to shut up.)

If you've followed my rantings for any time at all, you know I am a *GREAT* fan of The Late, Great Corey Rudl.  (Lest you think I follow BLINDLY, you should know that I do NOT promote all of his products; only the ones I feel are magnificent beyond compare.)

I gather Corey was a bit of a daredevil, and he trained his staff well.  If anything ever happened to him, he wanted to be sure the company survived -- and survive it did.  In fact, as far as I can tell, it's SOARING.

This course is EVERY BIT AS GOOD as Corey would have done himself.  NO STONE is left unturned, and NO DETAIL is left unexplained.

If you've ever lusted after the idea of making REAL MONEY on eBay, NOW IS THE TIME. 

I simply can't say enough good things about this course, and I look forward to applying it to my own "eBay dabbling" and hope eventually to find the time to turn it into a thriving business under the guidance of this magnificent piece of work.

If I weren't so tired from the nights I've read it into the wee hours, I'd climb up on the roof and shriek,




P.S.  If you have any questions at all, please send me an email

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