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Friends In Business
& Scams 101


>> >> CHEAP AS DIRT << <<
>> >> EASY AS PIE << <<
(all those things!!!)

Who'd'a thought MaaMaw would be servin' up
domain names with her brownies??

If you're an old hand at this, click here to register a new domain name.  It will take you straight to the order form and bypass my speech.

And if you already have your domain name(s) and you just want to escape the horrors of InterNIC or some other nincompoop, click here to transfer your existing domains to AllWebco.  They make it incredibly easy to end the nightmare, and once the deed is done, it will take all of 30 seconds to make ANY needed changes to one or fifty domains, all in one easy step.  (And of course you're under no obligation to host with them, but you'll kick yourself later if you don't.)

If you aren't an old hand at this and you're scratching your head and wondering WHY you should reserve all your domain names through FIB, now and forevermore, read on:

Thanks to a special arrangement with AllWebCo (The World's Best Web Hosting Company), MaaMaw is tickled pink to be able to register your domain name(s) for you at a humongous discount....

The days of paying InterNIC $70.00 for two years up front then $35.00 per year for the rest of your life are gone forever.... (well, not GONE exactly; you can still pay full price if you want to, I mean I'm sure not going to say you can't....)

Through Friends In Business, you pay only $23.50 USD per year.... and you can secure your name(s) for one year, ten years, or anything in between.  My calculator tells me that's a whole 33% off!

You can't beat that with a wooden spoon.... and here's more good news if you think you can handle it:

We can register those great new LONNNNNNNG names for you too....

Up to 67 characters.

Since the old limit was only 26 characters, odds are you can now register a much better-fitting (not to mention easier-to-remember) domain name for your company or personal website.  And savvy (I hate that word) netrepreneurs everywhere are scrambling to reserve domain names packed with keywords to try to improve their rankings in the search engines.

Not only is AllWebCo allowing MaaMaw to offer this REALLY spiffy discount to FIB'ers, but you can pay for your domain name by credit card OR electronic check.... (with InterNIC and most of the others, if you don't have a credit card, you're up you-know-which creek).

AND.... if you want to register a whole pile of names (now or later), identify yourself as an "existing client" and you'll only have to enter your information once.

AND.... AllWebCo is a GREAT company with a PERFECT track record dating back to 1997.  I host all my domains and register all my names with them and wouldn't dream of changing.  There are companies offering slightly cheaper rates, but is it worth the risk to save 10 bucks a month?  I don't think so, and here's why....

Read this letter from Glen Pipkins, owner of AllWebCo.  He wrote it in reply to someone who asked why he shouldn't go with a different company.  Of course nobody had ever heard of them, but at $14.99 a year, who cares, right?

"Well it's possible, but keep in mind that with the new leaps and bounds of the domain registration business, there are a LOT of new companies offering them at discount prices, etc., but THEY will be responsible for keeping up with renewal information, and contacting you when the domain is due again.  MANY of these companies don't even have a reliable method of doing this, and many more don't even know that it's their responsibility, since they are buying them from an actual registrar, who hasn't bothered to tell them that it's their responsibility.  (They think that the registrar is going to let them know when a domain is due, or even let you know, but they are not going to do either).

"If you get a company who drops the ball on that (or goes out of business all together) then you will most likely lose your domain name.  Also, you may want to ask what you have to go through to change anything with your domain contacts, ownership, etc.... Network solutions requires an act of congress to be able to change anything, and changes can take days or even weeks to accomplish, whereas we provide you with your own web based, password protected control panel, where you can change anything you want about your domain name in seconds!

"So, the long and short of it is.... Yes, that's probably a true price, and they may have all of their stuff together and be on the level, etc.... but it's awfully low, and makes me wonder how long they will be operating, when that would barely cover the admin costs of simply keeping up with, and notifying you that it needs to be renewed.... Just be careful who you trust with that service.  Losing a domain name could put you out of business."

Pretty scary, huh?  You're at the mercy of whoever registers your domain name.  That may be okay for some people, but my MaaMaw always taught me there are some things you just don't skimp on.... like the chocolate sauce on your sundae and protecting your domain names.

By reserving your name through Friends In Business, you are under absolutely NO obligation to host your site with AllWebCo.  You're free to choose another host at any time.  They make it as easy as it gets, and there's never any charge to do it.

Of course, it's my personal opinion that only a ninny would host with anybody other than AllWebCo, but I digress.  (If you aren't afraid of forgetting what you came for, you can click here and I'll tell you all about their hosting services; just close the window when you're done.) 

But I'm getting loopy again.  All you need to worry about right now is reserving the name(s) you want.... TODAY.... RIGHT NOW.... before we realize we aren't making enough money on the deal and raise the price.

Of course you can't do that until I stop talking, so I'll just say ONE more thing.  Pay attention now.... it's important:

Please be sure you know what you're doing BEFORE you submit your registration.  Neither Friends In Business nor AllWebCo, separately or together, can change a domain name for you or refund your money if you change your mind.  Everything is transmitted to the registrar automatically, so once you make your payment it's a done deal.

Okey dokey.... if all your questions have been answered, go ahead and click here for the registration form.

The rest of the page is geared toward newbies and explains some of the basics about domain name registration:

Don't be confused by ads for FREE domain name registration.  They mean their service is free.... which is no big deal, because so is ours and you don't hear me bragging about it.  See, if you want a domain name, you're going to have to pay one domain-name registry or another; there just isn't any way around it.  For example, it's "free" to register your name at www.getdomain.com if you don't count the $70.00.  (Clear as kitty litter, don'tcha think?)

By registering your name through AllWebCo (via Friends In Business), you will NOT be "parking" your domain.  You will be reserving the name.  Once the form is filled out and your payment accepted by the domain-name registry, the name is yours.  As long as you renew it on time, it's locked in forever. 

There are some places that will "park" your domain when you register the name.... but why pay more to do that?  When someone types in your URL and goes to your parking space, they'll see something like "Coming Soon" and a nice ad for the hosting company.  Personally, I don't see much point in parking inside someone else's ad.

If you look hard enough, there might be a couple of places left that will "park" your domain free.... they're still taking reservations without requiring payment up front (InterNIC will bill you).  That's okay if you're not sure you want to keep the name, but a few months ago when I caught "Domain Name Fever," it was my experience that names you register without advance payment may or may not be locked in.  If you really want the name, I recommend you don't mess around. 

And once upon a time you could change your mind and never pay for the name.... just let it go back to the pool.  Those days are gone forever.  If you don't pay, InterNIC will sic their collection agency on you for sure.

Okay, time to get on over to the registration form before the name you've just gotta have is gone forever!

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