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Friends In Business
& Scams 101


rumor has it that the old gal went in
and never came out

I WISH!...

    but alas, life goes on. 

I've known Ron Ruiz forever, but I only recently rediscovered his Business Fastlane after several years of being so buried in my now-ditched offline business that I hardly had time to answer Mother Nature when she called.

In the Business Fastlane live some of the best, most inventive, most creative, most profitable, most unique business ideas I have ever seen.


First, you'll find "How To's" and Articles up the wahzoo, all written by absolutely BRILLIANT and GENUINELY SUCCESSFUL people I've personally followed for many years, including (but not limited to)...

    • Mike Van Norden -- the master of free publicity,
    • Jeff Gardner -- a living, breathing idea factory,
    • Rosalind Gardner -- former air-traffic controller (i.e., the lady's no slouch) turned internet whiz,
    • Jim Straw -- the nicest, helpful-est(?!) self-made millionaire on the planet, and
    • Don Alm -- what can I say about the world's most exciting salesman?

I'm tempted to say your next stop will be at my personal favorite -- 357 CASE STUDIES -- but I can't really decide what my favorite is.  I like it all, and I would gladly have "gone missing" in there if I didn't have my worldly responsibilities to think about. 

Anyhoo, on with the Case Studies.  Some are overviews, and some are extremely detailed.  Some are even analyzed from the "How Could You Do Better?" point of view.  They cover a wide range of businesses which fit roughly into the following categories:

    • Internet
    • Strange Ideas (from "ewwwwww!" to "whoa doggy!")
    • Inventions
    • Product Ideas
    • Membership Sites (as in how to start and operate one, not "join mine! join mine!")
    • Women
    • Offline Successes
    • Kid Entrepreneur (gotta love these!)
    • eBay
    • and oodles of others.

I normally shy away from membership sites, partly because of my own problem (I tend to forget about them) and partly because of theirs (some get stale faster than Peeps after Easter), but The Business Fastlane thrills me.  I find myself reading some things over and over again just for the inspiration (but not to worry, you don't have to do that; new stories are added regularly). 

I guess that's all I can say about it unless I start repeating myself (and we all know I would never do that) -- except that in the olden days I read Ron's newsletter regularly, and I'm really glad fate reconnected me with his site.

CLICK HERE to have a look at The Business Fastlane

Looking is free --

    and if you have a serious Entrepreneur Mentality and just know there's a whole world of Unexplored Possibilities right around the bend, I'm sure you'll want to give it a trial run. 

You won't be sorry :-)

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