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Friends In Business
& Scams 101

The Absolute BEST Web Hosting On the Planet
(no kidding!)

if a better web site host existed, we...
we..... well, we'd take our business there!!

You know you need a "web presence" but you're afraid it's too expensive?  How does $17.95 a month sound?  (That's the package I use for all my web sites.) 

Okay, so how about a full-service website with tons of space and oodles of features for $9.95 a month with NO set-up fee?

And IF YOU'RE A PRO with a humongous website and traffic in the millions, their $24.95/month package offers more space and more features than you'd expect from a company charging ten times that. 

Assuming you're new to this, let me explain why "pay" is better than "free" in this case:

With your own domain and your own host, you have a sensible address like www.yourname.com instead of "www dot somewhere dot com forward-slash something forward-slash something-else forward-slash squiggle-thing yourname dot html" -- which screams "NEWBIE!!" (or worse, "FLY-BY-NIGHT!").

I am SO HAPPY with the people who host my web sites -- and with the almost ridiculously generous support they've given me since I switched over way back when their company was new -- that I decided this little rant was the least I could do.

Just so you know -- I don't make a dime for telling you this.  I did once upon a time, when they had an affiliate program, but I don't anymore.  (They have a "reseller program," but I would have to bill my own customers every month, and I choose not to get involved in that.) 

So why bother if I'm not getting a cut?  Because...

    • I believe you deserve the absolute BEST on the planet, and
    • I owe them so much, I want to send as many people their way as I possibly can. 

The name of the company is AllWebCo(Like most of our links, this one opens a new browser, so don't be afraid to look around all you like; when you're finished, close the window and you'll be back here at Friends In Business.)  

The owners, Glen and Jan Pipkins, have gone above and beyond the call of duty for me.... and for every new customer I've sent them.  In the years I've been with AllWebCo, the hair-raising one-liners from tech support have become a thing of the past.  And when there's a glitch in the server (which is almost never), it is fixed within minutes.  A simple email with **HELP!!** screeched in the subject line brings almost instantaneous results (but I save that for dire emergencies, which is only fair). 

I can't begin to tell you how many times their help has snatched me from the brink of disaster.... and always before I've been able to pluck myself totally bald.  (Okay, I admit it.... I'm technically challenged.)

If you'll allow me to stray for just a second...

At first I was scared to death to even think about designing my own web pages, but I can't believe how easy it turned out to be.... and how much fun I've had doing it.

There are tons of tutorials on the net and lots of programs that will practically do it for you -- but I haven't used any of them.  I prefer to do it myself.  I highly recommend a bright orange book called "The Complete IDIOT'S Guide to Creating an HTML Web Page."  I started with a "DUMMIES" book and it was way over my head (as are all the Dummies books).  Once I got myself down to "IDIOT" level, it opened up a whole new world -- and with AllWebCo to rescue me from any serious damage I might do, I figure I can't lose.

Now let's get back to hosting your domain(s) with The Best Web Hosting Company On the Planet.

Just in case I haven't made myself clear.... I really, REALLY like these guys.

There's no time like the present to CLICK HERE and visit AllWebCo's site so they can show you exactly what you get for peanuts.

Now let's take a second to consider another possibility....

What if you aren't ready to open up shop yet and you're just interested in reserving your domain name before someone else does?  Thanks to a special arrangement with AllWebCo, you can register your domain name for just $23.50 a yearClick here for details.  (Again, I don't make a dime for telling you this, but I never trust my domain names to anyone else; they aren't the cheapest on the planet, but they're the most reliable.) 

Sooner or later, you're going to be ready to activate your domain, and when MaaMaw says, "Web site hosts just don't come any better than this," you can bet your last brownie on it.

Oh, and one more thing.  If you're just getting your feet wet (or even if you've been around the block a few times and your web site isn't doing as well as you think it should), you might want to read our little blurb, Where To Start If You Don't Know HTML From Garlic Bread.

Ooops, did I say one more thing?  I meant two.

If you're just checking things out right now... wondering if maybe you should be putting your site in a mall instead of "the farthest reaches of cyberspace all by itself" (to quote the mall owners)... please read my article on Internet Malls.  A bigger money-waster has yet to be invented (but I'm sure they'll think of one). 

Your OWN little corner of cyberspace (preferably with AllWebCo taking care of you) is where you should be and where you'll have the best chance of success.

I'm finished now.


Click Here Now
To Host Your Web Site With the BEST

(Again, they don't pay me to tell you this, but I do want them to know how much I appreciate them -- so be a dear and tell them FIB sent you.)

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