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Friends In Business
& Scams 101

Bound for Success
with Marcia Yudkin

    care to join me?

I don't care how much you think you know about copywriting, publicizing your business, turning content into cash, or half a dozen other specialized skills that can work together to blow the cork right off your bank account.  If you aren't seeing the results you want, I'd venture to guess that Marcia can help you find the money.

The lady is not only brilliant.  She's highly educated, unstuffy, focused, and fascinating. 

Most importantly, she passes the ultimate test:  every word she writes is based on personal experience, and for you and me, that can mean the difference between a series of mind-blowing revelations and an infuriating waste of time. 

Unlike your garden-variety guru, she doesn't research and regurgitate then tattoo EXPERT on the end of her nose.  She herself has enjoyed considerable personal and professional success using the exact same methods she teaches.

And last but not least, she steers completely clear of my personal bugaboo (yours too if you've been around the block at all)...

We're talking, of course, about those hideous (yet "comprehensive" [bwahahahaha!]) publications that get you all worked up then leave you wandering around some truck stop in the middle of nowhere blubbering, "Gollywhiz, I just read about the best idea!... where do I start? who am I? why was I born?"  Just about everything Marcia writes really is totally comprehensive -- and if not, then it wasn't intended to be and she makes that perfectly clear right up front.  But unlike so many others, rather than leave you hanging, she provides the knowledge and resources you need to carry on.

TRANSLATION:  When you put your faith in Marcia Yudkin, you get precisely what you bargained for and then some.  As far as I'm concerned, if it has her name on it, you've got yourself a MASTERPIECE.

I can't possibly list everything here (and that would be silly since you can go to her site and see for yourself), but I feel compelled to gush over at least a few of my personal favorites.

Now that you know where I stand, you can write your own itinerary... either keep scrolling (highly recommended, since you never know what treasures you might dig up<:-) or use one of the following links to jump straight to the product you're investigating:

First Stop:  Marketing Your Business

      (If you clicked right into this very spot and missed the introduction, you're probably wondering why all the hullabaloo about Marcia Yudkin; follow this link to fill in the gaps.)

      How do you know your sales copy is the best it can be?  Is it that never-ending line of paying customers just begging for a chance to buy what you're selling?  If not, then your pitch could probably be better.  Whether it needs a minor tune-up or a whole new engine, I shudder to think what you're missing if you don't at least open your eyes to the possibility that there's always room for improvement. 

      I've read a bit about copywriting in my day, but this is my all-time favorite.  It came at the perfect time:  I was busy ripping my hair out as I tried to write a sales pitch for my adoption book, and I suddenly felt really silly... like someone was watching through a peephole and laughing as I schnuffled.  Why so sappy?  What's with the drama?  BINGO!  There it was in the "76 Ways to Add Oomph" department.  In mere seconds, Marcia had given me all the confidence I needed to shove a hot poker through the peephole and keep on writing.  This section alone is worth the price of the book!

      But that's just the beginning.  Well not the beginning really -- more like the middle, in the "Bully for Bullets!" chapter, speaking of which...

      How many times have you heard, "USE BULLETS!!"?  Oh yes?  Me too.  And, pray tell, what do I put beside those spiffy little bullets?  How many people actually share the magic formula?  Marcia does.  In fact, she devotes 39 pages to The Mighty Bullet -- everything from how professional copywriters decide what's bullet-worthy and what isn't to how best to format the little dumplings.

      Here I am carrying on about bullets when there's so much more, including the most complete dissection of testimonials I've ever seen.  Among other things, she quickly debunks some myths that have kept me from piling up the testimonials all these years... which, oddly enough, is the very next topic -- how to get tons and tons of them -- followed by how to select, edit, and display testimonials; and finally, kind of an ugly possibility that most likely never crossed your mind. 

      There's more -- much, much more -- but I need to stop so you can visit Marcia's web site and grab a copy of Secrets of Mouthwatering Marketing Copy for yourself.

      If you plan to do any or all of your own copywriting -- even if you're already doing it and have been since you were a sprout -- you need this book (okay, "special-report" but in my mind, 103 pages makes a book).  I've been doing my own copywriting since I started on the net in 1998 and I consider myself pretty good, but I can't begin to tell you how much this special report ("book" I say!) has helped me.  Don't let a swelled head hold you back.


Creating Additional Streams of Income

      (If you clicked right into this very spot and missed the introduction, you're probably wondering why all the hullabaloo about Marcia Yudkin; follow this link to fill in the gaps.)

      Hey, how long do you plan to ignore that stack of money right there under your nose?  (If you aren't going to pick it up soon, can I have it?)

      Are you going to be one of the bzillions of people who overlook the profit potential of booklets and special reports?

      How I love this!  I had a booklet out for a while, but my business took a nosedive and I couldn't afford another big print run.  Thanks to Marcia's special report on the profit potential of these little gold mines, I'm reviving it in a way I never thought possible.  It won't look the same, but the "perceived value" will be even greater, and I'm one happy camper.

      Marcia seems convinced that almost everyone has at least one saleable booklet or special report in their head, and in this magnificent publication, she does everything she possibly can to coax it out of you, short of actually writing.she bends over backwards to get your creative juices flowing.  After using a powerful series of examples to help you narrow your topic (absolutely critical if you expect to make money), she provides 50 "title-starters" -- but I see them as something much more exciting than that...
      I see 50 little treasure maps pointing the way to all these booklets and special reports just itching to find their way out of my brain and into my bank account! 
      (To understand my sudden attack of euphoria, you would need to have read "50 Ways To Turn Content Into Money".  It's all about making even MORE money with the very SAME information, but I digress...)

      Next we move into pricing -- great discussion, nice collection of examples -- but again, this section packs a special wallop for me personally:
      I admit it -- the idea of accepting money for what can literally be printed on a sheet or two of paper absolutely terrifies me in the lynch-mob sense of the word. 
      I've heard it all before and it went in one ear and out my nose, but this time was different.  By the time I finished reading why "people do spend what might seem a disporportionate sum of money" for these things, I knew I could do this. 

      Two life-altering revelations... not bad for the first 13 pages!

      Now if you can stay upright another minute and a half, I'll quickly rattle off what's in the next 62 pages and you can be on your way (straight to Marcia's site to snatch up a copy):

        • Everything you need to know about production, both print and electronic.

        • A fantastic section on marketing your booklet or special report, including free publicity, "online schmoozing," and most everything in between; there's even a great overview of licensing and bulk sales.

        • Creating lucrative back-end sales.

        • Pitfalls and problems -- and, of course, solutions up the wahzoo.

        • And finally, a positively delightful appendix with oodles of resources, a sample booklet, and a great section on press releases (I do love learning by example!).

      That about covers it (and the crowd cheers)...

      Except, of course, to give you a link so you can read what Marcia herself has to say and order your copy of Profiting from Booklets and Special Reports.


I'll be adding more reviews soon, but in the meantime, if you didn't find what you were looking for, you'll want to scope out Marcia's web site for yourself.  She has SO much to offer and it's all top-of-the-line.  What you see here is but a tiny smackerel.

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