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so many scams.... so little time!

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The Golden Rule of Biz-Ops (and a Little Pep Talk)
This is Assignment No. 1, and it's a MUST for everyone.  And if you've already been scammed, our Little Pep Talk is designed to get you thinking like a Survivor instead of a Victim.
The "Want To Believe" Syndrome
Untreated, this condition can be fatal.  There's no time like the present to learn to recognize the symptoms, because if they sneak up on you, you're dead meat.  You'll do what you want to do, and nothing you read here or anywhere else can save you.
A Big Ugly Red Flag:  Where Does Their Profit Come From?
Do they make their money on the opportunity itself, or on the product you're supposedly being signed up to sell?  The wrong answer to this question should send you screaming into the sunset.
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be
YOU say you're not a salesman.  THEY say you have to get out of your comfort zone or you'll never make it.   I say horsepucky!
The Anatomy of a Worthless Guarantee
To master this subject, you're going to have to start thinking like a crook so you can see through those neat little loopholes that are guaranteed to leave you hopping mad but completely powerless.
The Mentor, The Little Voice, and Me
A cheap but important lesson in learning to trust your instincts.  Your built-in radar is the best protection you've got.... but so easy to ignore when you WANT to believe! 
The "Biz Op" Seminar Racket
Don't miss this section!!.... These stinky things have become a national epidemic, they're multiplying faster than fleas, and there are heavy casualties in every town they hit.
Make Millions as An Internet Consultant!
Contrary to what Mr. Personality tells you, selling space in his mall is NOT likely to make you rich.  Mr. Personality, on the other hand, stands an EXCELLENT chance of getting rich selling workshops at $2,995 a pop.
Association of Certified Liquidators (ACL)
I'm extra proud of this one, considering it was edited (and edited) (and edited) under the direct supervision of (and threats from) Mitch Klass, owner of ACL.  It's my personal favorite, and I think Mitch likes it too, since he finally went away.
Well yeah, I guess you could say it's MLM.... But We'll Build Your Downline For You!
"All you have to do is mail postcards, we'll do the rest!"  They call it "The Power of Spillover."  I call it, "How To Recruit Suckers To Foot The Bill."
Home Workers Needed to do Typing (or Data Entry)
This one targets wannabe Stay-At-Home Moms.  But there is no JOB and there are no CLIENTS.... just empty forms and empty promises!
Make $1 (or $2 or >>golly whiz!<< even $5) for Every Envelope You Stuff!
This one has been around since scams began, and nearly every "opportunity seeker" (that's us) falls for it eventually.
Earn Great Money Assembling Crafts at Home!
No question about it, somebody is going to make great money.... but I guarantee it won't be you.
Oh Wow!  I Can Make a Killing Selling My Recipes in the Tabloids!
Of course you can.... because if you couldn't, the same people wouldn't be running their ads for twelve weeks straight.  Or would they?
Make Your Fortune Selling Personal Trading Cards
A real product with real potential.... but in the wrong hands, these little cards can spell disaster.  You don't have to fork over your life savings to get into this business!
We'll Pay You $9.95 for Every Photograph You Take!
"I just can't stop taking pictures," the Happy Housewife squealed.... hahahahahahah!!  Oh what a hoot!  (A $59 hoot, but still a hoot.)
The (Black) Magic of Frontloading.
A Foolproof Method to Check Out Any "Opportunity" before you bite.
Dissect Three 100% Honest Opportunities and See What Makes Them Different.
Stock Phrases That Should Send You Screaming Into The Sunset.
The "Of-Course-It'll-Work-How-Could-It-Not-Work?" Syndrome.
The Pistimonials Page.
A Real Home-Based Business.... Is There Such An Animal?
The Psychology of Scamming Otherwise Intelligent People.
What To Do If You've Been a Victim and You're Out for Blood.
Power In Numbers:  Collecting Other Victims.
The Myth of the Magic Vending Machine
Scam Links.... All the Next Best.

Gather 'round, Kiddies!     

What does "Making a Bundle on eBay" mean to you?  How about spending every waking moment hunting down products, taking pictures, writing listings, and RElisting all the stuff that didn't sell (as in "most of it")?  Oh yes, then there's standing in line at the Post Office for 17 years... and don't forget counting that profit on your ten little toes.

Granted, that's how a lot of people do it (including more than a few Power Sellers)... but that isn't the way smart business owners do it.  Once you learn to write killer ad copy and combine eBay selling with tried & true email marketing techniques (on autopilot no less), you'll have time to actually enjoy some of that money (what a concept!).

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PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCAMS!  Research all business opportunities thoroughly, and never blow off other people's bad experiences.  Ask around (and listen!).  The Scams101 Message Board is a good place to start.  What's that?  You've found a Biz Op and you're wondering if it's endorsed by FIB?...  Not unless it's listed in MaaMaw's Magnificent Toolbox.

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