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Friends In Business
& Scams 101

Make $863 a Week Stuffing Envelopes!
(or Stapling Bookets!)
(or Compiling Mailing Lists!)
(or Mailing Circulars!)
(Wheee!!  The list goes on and on!!)

I recommend you suggest they stuff their offer
in a warm and cozy place (preferably not an envelope)


And "a great product" doesn't make it any better.

Before we get down to brass tacks, there's something important you need to know:  As you read this little article, just substitute "Stapling Booklets" and "Compiling Mailing Lists" and "Mailing Circulars" everywhere you see "Stuffing Envelopes" and you'll have the poop on those great "opportunities" too. 

New Names.... Suspiciously Similar Poop.

"....according to our easy instructions."

If they had a legitimate offer and a legitimate program, they would be telling you up front what was going to be expected of you.

Your Own Common Sense

This is one of those things that nearly every "opportunity seeker" falls for at least once (or six or eight times if you happen to be me).... and that's what they're counting on, because their entire profit comes from "the program" and "the starter package." 

If indeed there is a product, and if by chance they sell any....

It's pure gravy. 

Hang onto your hat for a icy-cold bite of reality:....

No one will pay you $5 or $2 or even $1 to stuff an envelope. 

Most companies stuff envelopes by machine.  A few have special needs, and they will hire people to stuff envelopes.... but they will hire LOCALLY, and they will pay "envelope-stuffing rates," which will be minimum wage (if that). 


You buy "The Program."  They send you some circulars identical to the one you got when you sent your $1 or $2 or $5 to get "complete details."  You have to place ads (and you will pay through the nose to place those ads).  Other desperate people will send you $1 or $2 or $5 for "complete details."  They will also send an SASE.... (aha! the postage "you never have to pay for"!).... and you will stuff the same crap you just got into their envelope and mail it back. 

And you will feel like pond scum for doing it.... (and if you don't, then shame on you!).

And if the person at the other end is a trusting sort, like you, they will send in their $39.00 for "start-up supplies and complete instructions." 

"Yeah, but this one is selling a Miracle Diet Cookie!! That's a valuable product! Something everybody wants!"

And they promise to pay you a generous commission on every sale.  (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

That's very nice.... but, uh, how do you track that?  How do you know you're getting paid for every sale?  How do you know there really is a cookie?  And what do they care about selling their cookie when they already made their money on "start-up supplies and complete instructions"???

And don't be rocked to sleep by their "money-back guarantee."  Read the fine print. 

And after you do that, read The Anatomy of a Worthless Guarantee(Like most of our links, this one will open a second browser window, so you can look around all you like without getting lost; just close the window when you're ready to come back here.)

Chances are, the guarantee says they will refund your money IF you follow their easy instructions and fail to make big bucks.  The catch is, most people will NOT follow their instructions because they don't want to sink that low, and if they don't, then they have no guarantee at all, and they'll end up throwing the whole pile in the trash and kissing their $39.00 good-bye. 

They're counting on it.

Take me back to the Scams 101 Index!

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