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Scams 101

we'll teach you how to smell a rat
before it bites you in the hiney

(If you've already read this page,
here's a shortcut to the Scams 101 Index.)

I'm Lesley Fountain, Former Prof.... (that's "College" PROFessor and PROFessional Scammee).  I've left both of those behind me.... but the title sort of stuck.

You'll notice that parts of this site are straight out of The Little Red Schoolhouse....

Sorry!.... No intention to talk down to anyone.

Once upon a time I was the "Scams Professor" at an online "college" (and I use the term loosely).  I left by mutual agreement (that means I quit and they fired me).  I have kept Scams 101 in the "class" format because it's different.... and I love being different.

And PROFessional Scammee?....

Let's just say I've been scammed by the best (and the worst) (and the slickest) (and the dumbest) (and some just plain poops).  To check out my qualifications, click on Gruesome Details(Like most of our links, this one will open a second browser window, so you can look around all you like without getting lost; just close the window when you're ready to come back here.)

You'll find a list of topics in the Scams 101 Index (or "Class Catalog" if you like the college atmosphere). 

Keep up with new topics by becoming a regular over at the Message Board (better known as "Maa-Maw's Place," it's the friendiest entrepreneurs' forum on the net).

Some of Scams 101 is sure to seem a little basic, but don't even THINK of saying, "That could never happen to me."  Take it from an expert:....


If you're considering a home-based business, you ARE vulnerable.  They know you're out there and know you're desperate... so do yourself a favor and don't skip over anything.

I would even suggest that you read the dirt on specific companies whether you've heard of them or not. 


Because of the common thread of deceit that runs through every one of their "programs."  You need to learn to recognize it in whatever form it takes, and the best way to do that is to become familiar with as many as possible.

Okay.... it's time to learn to think like a criminal.  Click here for the list of topics.

MaaMaw here!     

For a year and a half, I tried everything I knew to make money on the internet.  Nice store, good products, great prices!  I worked my hiney off... and I could count my sales on one set of toes.

In 1998, I stumbled on Corey Rudl's MAGNIFICENT internet marketing course, and I've made between $350 and $3,000 every single month since then.  Rich?  Nope... but I was able to dump the business that ruined my life for 25 years, and that's good enough for me.

                                                                                        Here's how I turned things around . . . . .

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PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCAMS!  Research all business opportunities thoroughly, and never blow off other people's bad experiences.  Ask around (and listen!).  The Scams101 Message Board is a good place to start.  What's that?  You've found a Biz Op and you're wondering if it's endorsed by FIB?...  Not unless it's listed in MaaMaw's Magnificent Toolbox.

Me & Katie Lesley Fountain
Died August 21, 2009
Current webmaster: Mel. White (

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